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Erich J. Steinwandt

Born and raised in California…

     Erich made the move to Hawaii when he was 14. His love of photography spans back to early childhood, when his father gave him an old canon camera from his collage days. The camera may have stopped working years ago, but he continues to use the lens to this day.

In Junior High Erich was on the yearbook committee, and in High School he joined the yearbook class and took the rank of Freshman Section Editor (during his Junior year) and Co-Editor in Chief (during his Senior Year). Since digital cameras were not yet available Erich spent much of his time in the dark room developing film.

Now Erich sticks to digital, but might one day get back into the dark room, if time allows. Never one to like the look of overly edited photos, Erich tries to never Photoshop out a wrinkle or blemish. Instead he tries to capture the natural beauty of his models. But for those who want to cover a blemish or two, he does suggest make-up. He loves to capture candid moments at parties, and with his friends. Never to far from his camera, or iPhone Erich loves to photograph the world around him. From Architectural to Nature and everything in between, Erich has photographed it.

When not taking photos Erich can be found inside the theatre working on shows. Erich has over 20 years of theatre experience. A former performer, now Stage Manager and Production Manager, Erich has managed to combine his two interests into one and has started getting into taking Production Shots for Publicity purposes, Head-shots, and Rehearsal shots. Believing you can create beautiful works on a low budget Erich created his company Generich Photography, a low budget solution for you photography needs.
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