Photo shoots can be fun. 

During the production process of a live show the photographer is often one of the first outsiders who gets a sneak peak at the work in progress. When tasked to take publicity shots you get to see the performers still in a stage of character development. With a director telling what to do, and a PR person telling them what sort of shots you need from them and you the photographer get to step in and capture the magic. A visual representation of the show, which hopefully will turn out great and help sell tickets for the show. You get to see the actors being goofy, serious, and a little scared. You don’t always get to work in the best situations. But you need to make sure the shots turn out.

This photo-shoot featured one of the talented performers of an up-coming show. The lights are not hung yet, the air conditioner was broken and the paint was still wet. In hot temperatures she still smiles and gave us some great looks to work with. After the shoot we sat huddled around a computer screen so the actress could see the shots and decided which ones could be used and which ones would never see the light of day.


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