Date Night adventures

Noi Thai Cuisine at The Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center


The International Market Place re-opening

In our quest to find some great Thai restaurants on Oahu our friend told us about his new work place. Noi Thai Cuisine. Now I know a lot of people have some sort of fear of going into Waikiki. Saying its a big tourist trap. To those people I say, that’s fine, stay away. It means less of a wait time for us who want to eat at some great places. Or you could get over your fears and venture into Waikiki one night. Sure parking can be a little over priced, but hey there are always buses, cabs, and Ubers.

The second part of our night was a quick trip to visit the newly remodeled International Market Place. Hard to believe its been almost 2 years since they shut down to remodel. This is another one of those places people love to complain about. A big tourist trap that locals love to avoid, but then those same people got upset when the shopping center was torn down and remodeled. During our walk around many couples and families were out for a stroll. Looking at the new shops and reminiscing about the former Market Place. It is still high priced shops as most of Waikiki is. But not really that much more expensive than other shops in Hawaii.

Now don’t get me wrong, I try and avoid high priced places often. However I do enjoy the occasional walk through Waikiki.

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