I am a photographer

I take photos. People, places, random objects. I don’t do it for a living, more for a hobby. But it doesn’t lessen what I do. It doesn’t mean I take my hobby lightly. You shouldn’t either.

I photograph my friends, free headshots for their professional use. My friends often comment on my work ‘oh that’s nice who took it?’ When they learn it’s me, they seemed surprised. Others see work they know is mine and say ‘oh that actually turned out nice.’

I don’t shout to the world I’m a photographer. But I always have a camera on me to capture the memories.

I don’t photoshop pictures. With an exception of the occasional color correction. I don’t delete what the eye sees. I merely find a way to bring out the beauty.

I get upset when people try to diminish what I do as a way to attract people to use them instead.

I am an artist. Much like many of my friends. I believe you as a photographer can love others work, or hate it, without trying to take from them.

I am a photographer. If you don’t believe me, that is fine. But it’s what I am. It’s something I do.

Here’s a teaser of one of my latest shoots.

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