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The Princess and The Iso Peanut

Had a great photoshoot with this cast. It’s a fun local twist on a classic tale. The show runs July 5-22, 2018 and is being performed at The Kaimuki High School Performing Arts Center. contact Manoa Valley Theatre for tickets or more information. or Call their box office 808.988.6131




Iso Photo

Flyin’ West

Check out my interview with Jeanne Herring, Director of Flyin’ West, a one night only performance on June 18, 2018.

Congrats Buffy

Flying to Chicago this summer to reprise her role in the show Not One Batu, Buffy emailed me asking for a copy of her headshot to send in. Glad I was able to capture her beauty during our photoshoot a few months ago, even happier that she is able to put some of those photos to use in her proffessional endeavors.



It’s true I might be a little bias towards her. But it’s also true she is an amazing human being and so much fun to have involved in photoshoots. She just knows how to work the camera. Check out Shannon Winpenny in Shear Madness coming up next at Manoa Valley Theatre.

Fun Home

So a few weeks ago I had the photo shoot for Fun Home (Manoa Valley Theatre). It was fun but different. How you ask? Well we have two little girls sharing one role. So that meant for the photo shoot any time we had one with Small Alison we needed to take the shot twice.

I am a photographer

I take photos. People, places, random objects. I don’t do it for a living, more for a hobby. But it doesn’t lessen what I do. It doesn’t mean I take my hobby lightly. You shouldn’t either.

I photograph my friends, free headshots for their professional use. My friends often comment on my work ‘oh that’s nice who took it?’ When they learn it’s me, they seemed surprised. Others see work they know is mine and say ‘oh that actually turned out nice.’

I don’t shout to the world I’m a photographer. But I always have a camera on me to capture the memories.

I don’t photoshop pictures. With an exception of the occasional color correction. I don’t delete what the eye sees. I merely find a way to bring out the beauty.

I get upset when people try to diminish what I do as a way to attract people to use them instead.

I am an artist. Much like many of my friends. I believe you as a photographer can love others work, or hate it, without trying to take from them.

I am a photographer. If you don’t believe me, that is fine. But it’s what I am. It’s something I do.

Here’s a teaser of one of my latest shoots.

New project in the works

GenErich Photography is teaming up with another great company to bring you an exciting new project. I can't say right now what it is, but we will be seeking out some models for this project. We are looking for everyday people to help showcase. Are you interested in being a model for us? We can't pay, but you will be given copies of your photos for your own use.


With the waves crashing into the shore, I'm glad I had my camera with me to capture some of it. Much of the beach had traveled up, covering the path.

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