Jeanne Herring

Jeanne Herring

Jeanné has enjoyed over 30 years of diverse experiences in the theatre, film, photography and life. Whether it was onstage or backstage, in front or behind the camera or by creating her own story with the goal of seeing her words live onstage or screen. Jeanné has had the privilege to work with and have the support of such influential theatrical and community outreach organizations as PCPA Theatrefest in Santa Maria, California, Santa Rosa Reparatory Theatre in Santa Rosa, California, Project1Voice in New York, New York,  Manoa Valley Theatre, Honolulu Theatre for Youth, St Andrew’s Priory, African American Diversity Cultural Center Hawaii, TJ Mahoney & Associates and the Institute for Human Services in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Jeanné is also happy to have worked with several local independent filmmakers in Hawaii such as
Lymari Graciano, 3 Dogs Lost Films, Level 6 Films, Ventureway, The Ninja Monkeys
and Ohana Productions to name a few. She has also continued her visual artists work in
photography by publishing her online magazine and working for such party promoters as Double-0-
Spot.Jeanné acknowledges that her gifts are from the good Lord and is meant for something so much bigger than she will ever imagine. So, she will continue to experience and see what comes next.– bio from Jeanne Wynne Herring



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